What do you get when two dogs of different breed mate? A crossbreed.
What happens when religion & occult practices mix? A fusion that leads to confusion! It is a common in Asian countries to practice in the occult. The same like the voodoo stuff, shaman, witchcraft and the likes.

The Malays in particular are known to rear supernatural beings such as "djinn" which consists of Islamic djinn and non-Islamic djinn. They are fed with meat. It is common for Malays to rear them in rural provinces to safeguard their fruit farms from thieves or intruders. If one goes and pluck any flower or fruits without the consent of the owner, one can develop allergy, diarhoea or get sick and not curable by allopathic medicines. Only when the person seek for pardon and forgiven by the landlord will the person be cured. This is common and there a lot of accounts by those who have experienced it.

When the owner gets old, the ownership of the djinn is transfered to the next of kin. These djinns cheaper to maintain than having a security guard that needs to be paid monthly wages. So, for the owner, there is no worries of Unions, employee benefit deductions, sick leaves, annual leaves, protest strikes, employee turnover, annual salary increments, payroll clerks, marketing staffs, production, Quality control.....etc. It's a good thing though that they are not tech savvy, for if not a lot of industrial workers may lose to the competition from the djinns in these trying times of economic recession.

The following reports below appeared in the local daily recently.

Burglar who picked the ‘wrong’ house
KEMANAN, TERENGGANU: December 13th, 2008.

A burglar entered a house-turned-grocery shop, thinking he was in for a killing. He nearly got himself killed instead. The owner, who was away to celebrate Hari Raya Haji returned home yesterday morning to find the burglar trapped in the house for 72 hours without food and water.

The intruder was fatigued and dehydrated when the owner and his wife returned to the shop in Kampung Binjai from their hometown in Kota Baru.
The couple, in their early 50s, found the burglar lying in a room, clasping his hands in an apologetic gesture for his wrongdoing.

The owner, instead of calling the police, decided to call an ambulance to rush the burglar to the nearest hospital. When interrogated later, the 36-year-old burglar told investigating officers that he had sneaked into the house after realising the owner was out.

The burglar, who entered via the back door, claimed that he was blinded once he was inside and felt like he was in a cave. “Each time I wanted to flee, I felt a ‘supernatural figure’ shoving me to the ground,’’ he told police. He claimed this was his first time experiencing such trauma during a break-in. The burglar had no choice but to stay put in the room for three days as his shouts for help were in vain.

Kemaman Deputy police chief Deputy Supt Abdul Marlik Hakim Johar said the couple lodged a police report on the same day. He said the burglar was warded at the Kemaman Hospital and his condition is stable.

......................END OF NEWS REPORT........................

Wednesday December 17, 2008
Grocery shop owner brushes off claims of sorcery
KEMAMAN: The owner of a house in which a starving burglar claimed he was trapped has brushed off any claims of sorcery. Grocery shop owner Che Ibrahim Che Abdullah instead believes it was punishment from the Almighty for the burglar who claimed he was mysteriously trapped in the shop for three days.

The 57-year-old Che Ibrahim said he was a constant victim of burglaries whenever he and his wife returned to their village in Selising, Kelantan.
Mystified owner: Che Ibrahim gesturing as he speaks to reporters at his shop in Kemaman on Monday. (See photo)

“This time, I asked for divine intervention as I could no longer tolerate it,” he said when met here. He said he had recited some prayers before leaving for Kelantan with his 52-year-old wife to celebrate Hari Raya Aidiladha. Last Friday, Che Ibrahim returned to his shop and found the 36-year-old man lying in a room, starving and dehydrated.

The man, (the burglar) who begged for forgiveness, claimed he had broken into the house-turned-grocery shop three days earlier. Upon entering the shop, the man claimed he was immediately blinded and the place felt like a cave. “Each time I wanted to flee, I felt a ‘supernatural figure’ shoving me to the ground,” he told police during interrogation later. He added he had no choice but to stay put in the room for three days as his shouts for help were in vain.

Meanwhile, Kemaman Deputy police chief Supt Abdul Marlik Hakim Johar said the burglar had been warded at the Kemaman Hospital for the last four days.
It is learnt that the burglar was still traumatised after the incident.

..................END OF NEWS REPORT...................

Of course, the owner has to deny the truth as rearing a djinn is blasphemous & he will be shunned by the Muslim religious clerics of the town for his indulgence with supernatural forces. In Islamic context, this is called "Syirik" (forbidden acts). Perhaps the United Nations should immediately convene to form a resolution to rear these invisible beings to guard nations from terrorism or the Somali sea-pirates? ;)


Anonymous said...

Oh wow!!This is something!!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe banks ought to borrow this genie to safeguard their banks... ;)

Anonymous said...

I'd like to travel all over the world in a carpet with this jin- Free of charge.

Anonymous said...

I prefer to ask this genie to forecast the next lottery draw number.

Oops, sorry! These are really hard times..

Anonymous said...

The bad genies are not something to reckon with. One might get into trouble for keeping it.

You may begin by owning it. But, it later owns you!! So, watch out.


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