My 10 New Year Wishlist for 2009.

At the strike of 12 midnight, just 2 hours ago sounds of fireworks blasted on the air. The midnight sky was suddenly transformed into brilliant colours. There was a stall of the vehicles at the highway leading to the port. This is a common feature that occurs on yearly basis on the eve of new year. Perhaps they were also admiring the combination display of fireworks contributed by the local goverment and shots of flare from sea-ships that could be seen above the sea not far from my house.

1. Though this time, I noticed that the usual volume of vehicles were minimal compared to the past few years. Is this an indication that people are generally not all too excited over the advent of this New Year? Is it due to economic uncertainty? However, come what may I wish that together, we shall all gracefully brace through it.

2. I wish that All the nations on the face of earth will put an end to war for good and learn to live in peace and toleration. Say NO to WAR! Lets hope that the Muslim communities put some sense in the minds of the terrorist to stop the bombings and attacks. Lets hope they can come with a Fatwah that declares people who take part in terrorism and die for this cause WILL NOT GO TO HEAVEN and this is not martyrdom in the context of Islam!!

3. I wish that the Rich with millions and billions of dollars for disposal would not forget the downtrodden, the poor people and poor countries.

4. I wish that science will find a cure for the dreaded sickness that starts with the letter "C" called Cancer. I hope that not only will science discover the cure, but also find the root cause for the ever increasing occurences. These sickness which during the times of our grandfather/grandmothers was almost rare. Is it coming from the adulterated food that we eat? For example, chickens are fed with growth hormones and antibiotics which hastens their growth within 45 days and this is consumed by humans.

5. I wish that there will be inter-faith harmony. Let not the different faith divide us for who we are - HUMANS! That's the similiarity in all of us despite the differences in our colours, native, geographical background. Let's learn to live in harmony.

6. I wish that people will begin to place some emphasis maintaining good health by regular exercises, breaking up stress by performing Yoga, Qigong, meditation, and the likes & also give up destructive habits. Let's enjoy the good health for as long as we live.

7. I wish that the corrupted politicians all over the world will cease to find opportunities to pocket public money. Let the public money be put to good use.

8. I wish that people will take up reading habit for those not in the practice. Let the wisdom prevail.

9. I wish that whatever economic meltdown occurs, it will end quick. Let this teach people to be humble and thrifty especially in good times so that they may be prepared the next time recession takes place. There is one in every decade.

10. I wish that All the working class people in the private sector who are going to be retrenched or laid off will be able to find jobs quickly. For I know how tough it is to lose job. I was jobless for 6 months and whatever little that I have saved have all been depleted. Come this 2nd January I will finally be starting over with a new job again. I wish that others wont have to endure such a long time to get a new job.

I Wish You All a Pleasant Year ahead with a lot of sweet memories to add. 'Happy New Year 2009'.


the seventh waves said...

I wish you a very happy new year:-)

River of Karma said...

Hello there friend,
Have a great Year ahead.

River of Karma

Anonymous said...

Yes, Peace Brother!
Let there Be Love.
Say No to War!

Amen to that.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, the rich who are super rich don't give a seconds thought to the poor. It is the middle class that can extend a hand.

Anonymous said...

Corrupted politicians are just like bacteria. They are all over the world.

Anonymous said...

Inter-faith tolerance is not likely to develop. Look, it's 2009 now, the year may change but people's heart never cease to change.


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