A FUNDAMENTALIST Christian church has been accused of electing "seed bearers" to impregnate women while husbands watch on. The polygamist sect called the Fundamentalist Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is at the centre of a child custody battle with an estranged wife of its interim leader.
In a court document, Charlene Jeffs says: “FLDS men are no longer permitted to have children with their multiple wives.

“It is the husband’s responsibility to hold hands of their wives while the seed bearer "spreads his seed". “In layman terms, the husband is required to sit in the room while the chosen seed bearer, or a couple of them, rape his wife or wives.”

Image above: Sect Leader Warren Jeff has been slapped with life imprisonment
The Mormon sect has been in the news previously when their Texas ranch was raided by police in 2008. Authorities took away more than 460 children, including mothers who were under 18. The leader, Warren Jeffs, was convicted of sexual assault and aggravated sexual assault of two girls aged between 12 and 15. He is serving life in prison but is still believed to be running the sect from prison.

His brother, Lyle Jeff, Charlene’s wife, runs the sect for him while he is locked up.

Sam Bower, an investigator who has been studying the sect, says: “It’s ritualistic procreation performed on a ritualistic bed-slash-alter. “Any touching between spouses outside rituals like these, even a simple handshake, can now be considered adultery in the church.”
The judge in Utah has ruled both Lyle Jeffs and Charlene will share custody of their teenage children.

I have no words for this sort of outrage against modesty. Sounds like an ideal place or Heaven for all the perverts on Earth. Greedy bears with seeds, I hear that Gunung Lokan forest in Indonesia is on fire. I'd suggest that the honorary 'seed bearers' who have loads of seeds with 'lost occupation' to go and plant their seeds there... ;)



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