Gerakan Secretary-General Datuk Liang Teck Meng and MCA Religious Harmony Bureau Chief Datuk Ti Lian Ker speak about DAP manipulating issues on race and religion during Bersih 4 rally is causing racial tension in the nation. They also address on the issue of irresponsible politicians posting bad racial sentiments on social media.

Video above where the two could be seen presenting their views and arguments...

Judging from the duo’s arguments gives me the picture of two invertebrates going all out to please their master for some ‘Brownie points’. All of these done to save the name of one useless ‘loose cannon’ by the name of Datuk Jamal Md. Yunos. I still wonder exactly what did he do to earn him the ‘Datukship’ title.

If a chain reaction should occur in this argument, DAP might remind that PKR Rafizi was also there, so it is not racist thing as Rafizi is not a Chinese. Blame it on others….

Then, Rafizi will say, ex-PAS man Mat Sabu was also there, he is not a Punjabi guy but also another Malay man. It must have been the foreign reporters who started it since they were there. Check the BBC reporters. Blame it on others….

The BBC reporters will then say, hey, Al-jazeera was also they, why not you ask them. Then, being reporters, Al-jazeera quickly responds by saying, ’Hey, Dr. Mahathir Mohammad was there, why don’t you ask him? He might have started it…..

Our ex-Prime Minister quickly responds with a witty remark, ‘I was there. You know it. In fact the whole world knows it. What is there to ask me about? Didn’t you see Dr. Ling Liong Sik being present there? Isn’t he an ex-MCA President? You should go and ask him!

Going by their arguments, well, ex-MCA man, Dr. Ling Liong Sik had also attended the Bersih, seriously, he must have been the one entirely responsible for playing the race card. It is not the innocent Jamal anymore.

By the way, isn’t one of these duos also an MCA representative? So, the blame must entirely go to MCA. Well done, nice rationalizing power!!

Here we go again…..



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