Nanammal a householder, at age 95 is still going strong and healthy. She is a living testimony that yoga indeed maintains good health and longevity. She was recently honoured with the Inspirational Woman of the Year 2015 award by the Raindropss in Chennai, India. Raindropss is an Indian youth based social organization located in Chennai, South India that spreads social awareness messages to the public through theme songs and short films. The ceremony was held in conjunction with International Women’s Day. 
 Nanammal doing Sarva Angga Asanam which prevents thyroid related problems
 Image above: Nanammal seen receiving the award for Inspirational Woman of the year 2015.

Nanammal demonstrates some yogic postures to the cheering crowd. She starts with Pada Hasta Asanam, a posture that would give a firm and toned belly to the practitioner seen from picture above.

 The posture above is good for preventing diabetes, Kala Asanam.

Nanammal attributes her good health to Hatha Yoga practice and her regulated eating habits. She is still active and teaching yoga at his age. In the photo below, she shows the gold medals and trophies won over the time in yoga competition.
She says that yoga was taught by her parents when she was little and has since continued practicing till this age. Drawing from her own experience, the mother of 5 children attests that during her early days when she was pregnant, childbirth was relatively easy. Today, her children and grandchildren also practice yoga. Until today, she has never been to hospital nor has she ever taken any medication for any sickness.
Nanammal seen in the photo above climbing stairs effortlessly to do her yoga asanas at the balcony of her house. Many people even half her age complain of knee pain when climbing stairs.
Her son, a yoga instructor, Balakrishnan claims that she can do 50 yoga postures and testifies that although she is aged now, she doesn’t have any blood pressure problems, diabetes or ever complained of any joint pain in her body.

 Hatha Yoga can be practiced at your home. There is no need to enroll in any membership. One can even pick the yoga steps from a book but better if you have an instructor. There are so many hypes in yoga these days such as aerobic yoga, power yoga and the likes but Nanammal just practiced what was plainly taught in Hatha Yoga and has reaped the rewards of her practice. I hope that this post will also renew your interest in keeping up with your health and you would take some measures to see to it. Procrastinate is a step away from never, so if it strikes your mind to do something about it, don't delay, start doing something about it today.

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