Jejak Paranormal is a popular Ghost Hunting TV production in Indonesia. They go to places that are said to be haunted mostly at night equipped with their cameras. The Spiritualists who are endowed with paranormal abilities will interact with the supernatural forces at the site to determine the presence of supernatural forces. They have done shooting at many locations and often with suspenseful thriller especially when there are hostile beings.

Each segment will have a guests appearing who will participate along with the Spiritualists to prove the existence of supernatural beings. There are some guests who are so willing to allow themselves to be possessed. The Spiritualists will invoke the energy and transfer them to the guests. Then the entity takes over the body and speaks to the Spiritualists. Often, the common questions asked are “Why did you come here, what do you want or go away? Then, there are times that things get out of hand when the production crews themselves become possessed without the intervention and they start to behave erratically, defiant, questioning the crew’s motive in coming to the site, challenging, violent or even climb on top of trees.

Not all the times they are met with hostility. Sometimes, the entities will draw the spiritualist to a certain spot. These spiritualists are sensitive and they can where the energy is directing them to go. There are times that objects manifest from thin air. Sometimes the Spiritualists are drawn to a particular tree but most times there are manifestations that are drawn from the earth like the images that can be shown below.

1. The spiritualist invites a villager to participate in the drawing of material from another dimension

A teenage girl from this village volunteered to participate with the spiritualist to draw the material. The spiritualist, Ki Prana first sensitize the girl with energy and the ability to sense material. She was asked to pinpoint the exact location where she feels she is drawn. The girl points her finger and makes a 360 degree turning and start marching forward when she felt drawn to a spot. She then points to the ground where she says she feels drawn to this spot. The spiritualist then asked her to place her palm on the exact location where she feels it as can be seen in the first photo below.
 As she places her hand, the spiritualist places his hand on her arm and asked her not to let go. She suddenly lets a scream and suddenly the grass catches fire but stops in about 3 seconds. (Image below)

 The spot where the fire broke was dug out and the following jewel was found in the spot. (Image below)


2. The spiritualist does invocation prior to manifestation of jewel from the ground
In the series of four photographs below, the spiritualist does some invocation after drawn to the spot by entities. Some "Silat" movement (martial arts) can be seen and the grass catches fire. The spot where the fire sparked has a jewel stone said to have manifested from another dimension.

 In the fourth photo below is shown the jewel was found in the spot that caught fire.

3. An Aladdin like lamp manifest from thin air
In the series of three photographs below, you can see an Aladdin like lamp was manifested from thin air without any invocation. The spiritualist was explaining what she felt in the bungalow until the manifestation episodes appeared. All happened in less than 5 seconds.

A spark of light appears (seen in photo below)

 An Aladdin like lamp is manifested. (photo below)
  The Spiritualist,  Ana Cikey decides to leave it behind and keep it back where she took it because she says that she does not want anything following her back. (photo below)

The narration above is based on what is depicted in the film productions and is not my own opinion.

Jejak Paranormal
Ki Prana
Ana Cikey
Ki Raksa Manggala
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