How many of us would take our hobby or interest seriously enough? Well that’s not the case with Mr. Newman whose interest in archaeology and history motivated him to build a replica of Stonehenge using piles of unused timber wood. The structure was built from Monterey Pine tree that was felled and erected in a village at a plot of field that belonged to him.

Image above: Amazing view. A scenic view of the “woodhenge” during sunset located in Worth Matravers, Dorset.

The Construction process
The monument was built using 12 “plinths” where each weighed approximately 2.5 tonnes. They are topped with 8ft long sections of the trunk. All it took was 5 people including Mr. Newman and 12 hours to complete the job. Despite the sweat, but owing to his interest, he says that it was all fun building it.

Short lived joy
Standing proudly at 12 feet high and weighing 35 tonnes, the “monument” that Mr. Newman built had been ordered by the Purbeck District Council to bring it down by September 2015. The local residents who happen to admire his masterpiece however regard it as “fantastic” and “lovely”.

Image above: Mr. Charlie Newman, pub owner of Square and Compass stands proudly beside his creation.

I hope that the Purbeck District Council will change their mind about requesting Newman to tear this lovely construction down as it does not obstruct anyone. It could serve as iconic to boost local tourism. Perhaps the place could be further beautified by turning it into a park with flowers something like the Tulip garden. Local handicraft could also be sold there. Just my 2 cents worth of thought.

Update: August 15, 2015: The above is a video was recently made by Mr. Mark Rigler. Here is a more live close up view of the "woodhenge" and a little glimpse of the town where it belongs. Thanks Mark for sharing this video.
2. Photocredit: Philyeomans/BPNS
3. Photocredit: AndyLyons/BPNS


Mark Rigler said...

Heres a link to a video about woodhenge

Mystique Earth said...

Hi Mark Rigler,
Thanks for sharing the video. I have already updated the post with your video.

I see that they have started a petition to save this construction. With only 3 weeks left for the deadline to tear down this Woodhenge, i wish that the petition will gain some weight and the council would also change their minds to leave the construction as it is.

Good Luck.


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