Indian Mystic Meditation Technique.

During my trip to India last year in 2007, I was fortunate enough to meet an Indian Yogi in a temple compound. I saw him sitting below a tree with his gaze fixed to the front. He had a light complexion & spotted a beard. Although I have heard also of bogus Yogis but i sensed a difference in him. He was unpertubed, oblivious to what was happening in his surroundings. He sat there motionless with his eyes widely opened though his eyelids hardly moved.

Watching this eye-catching moments, I sighed for a moment for leaving behind my camera in my suit-case in the hotel where I stayed. Then, I picked up enough courage to inch closer to this yogi while I watched in awe & admiration of his powers of concentration. He was in his late 40's closing to 50 yrs of age. He was draped in an old orange clothes which was quite worn out. As I closed in on him, I shudder to think what would happen should this swami become enraged of me for disturbing his peace. So, I stood there for a moment, holding the thought, " go or not to go,...that is the question...". I was just 7 feet away from him.

Then, the swami who had a soft voice asked me to sit close to him. We spoke for awhile. He asked me some questions & I also asked him about some of my doubts which he explicitly explained each one of them.

He said that the world would be a better place if everyone meditate. There will be better understanding between mankind. Many problems of the mundane life could be averted. The meditation technique that he imparted was good to practice. It will give you a sense of peace & you will be able to have a heightened awareness beyond your normal conscious mind level. I almost memorised each steps as he told me & I almost immediately wrote each of them down in my notepad. Please feel free to share this knowledge with your friends too. Here's the knowledge of the meditation technique which he imparted:-

Indian Mystic Meditation Technique

A. Energising Yourself

1. Sit down calmly & be in a relaxed position.

2. Breathe rhythmically until you find that your breathing pattern is perfectly established. (By now, you would have noticed that once the breathing pattern is established, you should feel very relaxed. Your heart beat is slower in this relaxed state of mind.)
3. While inhaling & exhaling, form the mental image of your breath being drawn up through the bones of the legs. Then, imagine that you are breathing out also through them.

4. Next, repeat this breathing imagery through the bones of the arms & releasing out through the bones of the arms.

5. Third, repeat this inhaling & exhaling imagining from & through the top of the skull.

6. Then, imagine you inhale & exhale through the stomach.

7. Repeat, this imagery through the reproductive region.
8. Next, imagine as the breath were travelling upward & downward through the spinal column.
9. Then, imagine as if the breathe were being inhaled & exhaled through every pore of the skin.
10. Imagine now as if the whole body are filled with the vital force, "chi", or prana energy.
11.After completing the re-charging steps above, you ascend now to the energising steps.

B. Recharging Yourself with Prana Energy (vital force).

Upon completion of the steps above, continue to breathe rhythmically & send the current of Prana energy to the 7 Vital Centers in your body following the same method by using the mental imagining method in steps "A" above.

1. Breathe rhythmically & imagine sending the current of Prana to the Forehead.
2. Breathe rhythmically & imagine sending the current of Prana to the back of the Head.
3. Breathe rhythmically & imagine sending to the back of the Brain.
4. Breathe rhythmically & imagine sending the vital current to the Solar Plexus region.
5. Breathe rhythmically & imagine sending to the Sacral region (lower part of the spine).
6. Breathe rhythmically & send the current of Prana to the region of Navel.
7. Breathe rhythmically & send the current of Prana to the Reproductive region.

C. Insulating from Negative Energy at the end of exercise.

Upon completing steps in A & B above, make sure you sweep the current of Prana to & fro from head to feet several times. This can be done by sweeping with your palms or also by imagery method ( whichever comfortable).

In the beginning you may find this tedious. But, with diligent practice, it becomes your second nature & can be done in just 20 minutes daily. This practice can be done early morning or early evening, whichever time convenient, but once chosen the time, it is best to stick to the same schedule daily.

Happy practising your meditation.
May you find peace from this practise.

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