Holy water from trees...

First of all, apologies for the long silence once again. Just to break the silence, i am bringing in an amusing story of holy water falling down from trees. The local's have mixed feelings and like usual, some are quick to assume that the water may have some curative powers and started making some quick bucks selling MYR 5 for a little plastic container.

On the other hand, Science, authorities from Consumer Association of Penang are cautioning the locals not to be taken in awe by the unexplained until full investigation is conducted with leptospirosis in mind. This is because some are already experimenting the efficacy of the water by wiping the face and body with the "water" .

At the same time, former University UKM lecturer Prof Dr Zaidi explains that nothing is mysterious about this water possibly it is the urine of Cicadas during mating season. Another local when interviewed said in response, how come only this particular tree is showering water when the other trees also have cicadas but no showers? Well, time will tell.

Islamic Religious bodies are reminding Muslims to stay away and understandably cautioning that it is blasphemy (Syirik) to expect miracles from trees.

For some, it is opportunity and brisk business as they have put up stalls and started catering fast food for visitors. Chinese folks are going there with the hope that they might strike 4 digit local lottery as the tree might increase the luck due to the presence of a holy spirit (Datuk Kong).

Let's wait and see how this drama ends as it may take 2 weeks for the authorities to conclude the tests on the "water". So till then, the stalls can enjoy another 2 more weeks of brisk business; lottery punters can continue to try their luck for another 2 more weeks---they might either get poorer or richer.

For more details about this news, you can get it here and here .
Photo contributions (with thanks): The Star


Phausca said...

qué alegría saber de ti, amigo!
benditos sean todos los árboles, aunque haya personas dispuestas a negociar con seres tan nobles!
un gran abrazo!

What a joy to hear from you, friend!
blessed are all trees, even when people are willing to negotiate with such noble beings!
a big hug.

Patricia said...

hola, amigo! Phausca y Patricia somos la misma persona del blog "Chandra y Bindu" y "al amanecer"!
gracias por tu compañia!
un abrazo grande.

hello, friend! Phausca and Patricia are the same person's blog and Chandra Bindu and the blog "at dawn "!
thanks for your company!
a big hug.

Mystique Earth said...

Hi Phausca,
Thanks for visiting, Patricia. I visited your blog and learned that you have a second blog. Congratulation, and let many more good stuffs come in.

All the best.

Isidro Jesus Cedrés González said...

Amiga Phausca o Patricia, ya les he encontrado y quiero darles las gracias por el comentario que me han regalado en mi blog.
Phausca, Patricia, Chandra y Bindu, y "al amanecer". Gracias. Jecego.

Anonymous said...

i read about this sometime back, what's the very latest on the story?

Mystique Earth said...

Hi Mr. Hans,
I did follow up on this rather unusual story for updates but there were none.

Curious, i sent in an sms query to the daily concerned last month, inquiring about the lab test reports, but it wasn't published either.

Then, i just gave up.


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