The Short Stay in Enlightenment-by Sri Ganapathi Sachchidananda Swamiji

This incident was narrated 23 yrs ago by a Spiritual Master, Sri Ganapathi Sachchidananda Swamiji. It was a message to the students who participated in the Kriya Yoga class at "The Centre of the Light" in Massachusetts, USA. It is about a man's journey towards Self-Realisation or some call it Moksha or Nirvana. The story has a message. The message is that with dilligent practice, perseverance and patience in anything, one can see improvement that leads to perfection in the due course of time. Perfection is not something that one can achieve in such short time, irrespective of whether the field is in Electronics, IT, habit breaking, improving one's attitude, sports or even moksha in this case.

The incident as narrated by Swamiji.
Some people ask Swamiji, "I am Swamiji's devotee for 10 years. I have been associated with Swamiji for 15 years. I WANT BLISS. I WANT ENLIGHTENMENT. But, Swamiji didn't give anything. I am following Swamiji for so many years. "Swamiji, you must give something!"

There is one particular devotee from Germany. I don't recall his name. He said,

The Devotee: " I have been following Swamiji for 10 to 12 years. I want enlightenment. I gave so much money to Swamiji. I gave so many things. I have done so much service. I want enlightenment. Swamiji promised that he would give me something. You didn't give me anything for the last 10 years. My life is wasted. My time is wasted. I don't go to any gurus (guru means Spiritual Master). I don't believe in any books. I BELIEVE ONLY IN SWAMIJI. I BELIEVE. I ADORE SWAMIJI,"

Swamiji: That is how he is thinking. After 10 years, he has become "crazy" (lost control of his emotions). He came up to Swamiji at a meeting. Everybody got upset. But, Swamiji was not upset. Swamiji asked, "OK. WHAT DO YOU WANT?"

The devotee: "I want enlightenment".

Swamiji: Your time has not come.

The devotee (complains): Every year, Swamiji says, "Not yet, not yet, not yet. When?

Swamiji: I don't know. Simply follow. Do meditation. Do your work and serve your mother.

The devotee (complains again): "Why are you always giving me this same advice? I don't believe in any other guru. I believe ONLY IN YOU.."

Then things started to happen....
At this point, Swamiji spontaneously acted by simply touching the devotee's forehead and said, "OK, I give enlightenment."

Upon getting the Swamiji's touch, the devotee left the place.
He took his mother and drove away in his car. He had hardly reached only a mile and strange things soon began to unravel. In that mile, he saw many Swamiji's with beard. Thousands and thousands and thousands of Swamiji's can be seen. And the car he is driving - that is also Swamiji's body. He then looked at his mother, and she too looked like Swamiji.

(A great pressure was building in his head. So, he decided to return to see the Swamiji)

The devotee (now): "I don't want this enlightenment. Such enlightenment....I don't want anymore."

(Swamiji then gave him some water and asked him to sleep. After one hour, he returned to his normal consciousness.)

Swamiji ends this story by telling, "Enlightenment is not easy, not easy. Be ready. That's the reason you practice all kinds of yoga. Be kind. Be generous. Be calm. Be peaceful. Follow one path. Believe. Have no room for confusion. Automatically, you will then get Enlightenment and Bliss. Guru is then not necessary. You will automatically get it. When the time is ripe, YOU will get it. He (GOD), will give it.

Swamiji: We are searching. We are very crazy (going haywire). We want physical evidence. Enlightenment is not like that. Enlightenment...."that blissful power is difficult to get. So practice. Control yourself. It will come. That is Swamiji's opinion.

Source: Heart to Heart - Kriya class 1986.

(Footnote: Swamiji picked up some simple English through his communication with foreign devotees. So, the communication is very simple and plain as he has not undergone formal education in this language.

In the present days, everyone is rushing on things at break neck speed. It is a mad rat race that has no end. There are instant noodles, instant photographs, instant this and instant that. Some may even question at the end of one's life journey if all the stress in life was worthwhile. The fruits of our pursuit sometimes bears little meaning towards the twilight years of the life. Therefore, patience, perseverance and practice do makes it perfect!


Anonymous said...

The American was too impatient,but what's important for sadhaks is to to know more about that experince.Seeing the divine in everything is a very prounfound experience.

Mystique Earth said...

Hi Anon,
It was a German devotee.

Datta said...

I remember reading this in 'Heart to Heart' book. Shows Swamiji has the power to bestow enlightenment on us but it is we who are not ready.

A similar incident: A person walked up to Ramana Maharishi and asked him "Can you give me Moksha?" to which the Maharishi replied "I can give it, can you take it?!!"

Implies 2 things:
1. The person was not ready.
2. Enlightenment is not something that can be 'given' and 'taken'.

Mystique Earth said...

Hi Datta,
Thanks for your insightful feedback.

You are right about the origin of this story. The story was indeed taken from "Heart to Heart".

I narrated this incident to a friend. Eversince then, he kept on insisting that I share it in this blog. After about 3 months or so of constant reminders I finally did.

Your story on Ramana Maharishi is another similar account which I have not come across. Thanks for the sharing here.

It is true. Our Sadguru has many a times pointed out in many ways that he shows us the road map but we need to tread the path. There are no short cuts. The Seers & Sadgurus are no transporting agents. If we are not putting any efforts then we are surely not getting there.

Getting there of course needs qualifications like Swamiji's analogy of the goldsmith & the anvil that goes through constant purification process to enable us to ascend towards higher consciousness.

Just like how Ramana Maharishi pointed out, I am ready, are you ready"? This is what he meant when he said, "I can give it, can you take it"?

Thanks again for your insightful sharing.

Mystique Earth said...

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I am not sure why you posted that message.

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Mystique Earth said...

Hi Cheap Viagra,
Thanks for the visit and the kind words.
I am glad to hear that you find some benefit from this entry. True enough, SR is something that will always intrigue our mind.


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