You may have possibly heard about the Spirit of the coin or the Ouija Board summoning the Spirits. Mostly curious teenagers and even some adults like to call on the other side to ask questions or even make a friend. Not all the time it ends up well with this connection. And now we have Charlie Charlie the pencil game. It is believed to be an old Mexican supernatural ritual that is used to invoke a ghost.

How this game is played:

      1. The 2 pencils and a paper approach

Photo above: The 2 pencils and a piece of paper with quadrant for identifying two yes and two no
A pencil is placed horizontally on top of another pencil that is vertical. This will seemingly be displayed innocently as a Cross. Both of these pencils are placed on top of a piece of paper with four quadrants or a positive sign drawn across a piece of paper. In order to support one pencil on top of the other, the topmost pencil’s center of gravity must be positioned correctly over the other pencil. Two quadrants are written YES and the other two quadrants are written NO.

Ready to play:
The next step is to invite the Spirit called Charlie to “play” with them. Chant out loud, “Charlie, Charlie, can we play.” If the Spirit wants to join, the pencil will spin until it stops at “YES”. Once there is a response like this, they can begin by asking a series of questions and wait for the pencil to move to the answer.

To end the game:
To end this game, one must chant, “Charlie, Charlie, can we stop?” When you get a “yes”, then say “goodbye” and remove the pencils from the paper to break contact. If he says “no” keep trying until you get a “yes”.

      2. The 6 pencils approach

Photo above: The 6 pencil approach where each person holds 3 pencils.
The six pencil method requires two persons. Each person holds 3 unsharpened pencils to form the shape of alphabet “U”. When both U’s are connected, it will form a rectangle.

Ready to play:
Invite Charlie the same method as above, Charlie, Charlie can we play. If the pencil moves inwards, it means a “yes” and if outwards it means a “no”.  If one pencil moves inwards and the other outwards, it means maybe or the question cannot be answered at the moment. Movement towards upwards means “yes” and downwards indicate “no”.

To end this game:
To end this silly game, just say, “Charlie, Charlie can we stop?” When the pencil moves either inwards or upwards, just drop the pencils on the floor and say goodbye to break contact.

Some point out that there is nothing spooky about this game, just plain Science:
Christopher French, Head of the Anomalistic Psychology Research Unit at the University of London believes that even the slightest breath of a person will cause the pencil to move and people may misconstrue it as a Yes answer or a No answer depending where the pencil stops. And this can really give one the spooks especially if they are in a candlelit room.

Carl Gallups, a pastor and author believes otherwise. He says a slight breath of air is enough to move the pencils and there is nothing more to it.

Others say be warned and stay away from this game:
Corne Bekker, chair of biblical studies at Regent University had something more to say. It is impossible to summon a specific demon like Charlie while most players would like to think. It really doesn’t work that way. The moment we ask, we are opening the door to other spirits or any demon could just walk through. Therefore, it is extraordinarily dangerous.

Fortea says the game is very dangerous and warns that “some spirits who are at the root of that practice will harass some of those who play the game.” While not risking outright possession, participants in this game can expect that the spirits they invoke “will stay around for a while” in spite of the rules which say the spirit has to leave when the game is done. - See more at:
Spanish Exorcist, Jose Antonio Fortea says the game is very dangerous and warns that “some spirits who are at the root of that practice will harass some of those who play the game.” While not risking outright possession, participants in this game can expect that some spirits they invoke “will stay around for a while” in spite of the rules which say that the spirit has to leave when the game is done.”

Now for the Spooky stories....Those who played and encountered terrifying experience: 
Hannah Mc Kinley, from Valencia in Spain, said: "My mirror slightly cracked. I got scared and ran into my sister's room and her bookshelf tumbled. I am really afraid and terrified of what is about to happen."

Dakota Hasler, Brownsville, New York says she asked a stupid question when she asked “Will I die tonight?”  She was in complete fear and shock when the pencil turned to yes. Later as she was doing the dishes, she heard strange noises coming from her room. When she walked in the room, she saw her bible on the ground faced down. She just brushed it aside as the cat might have done it but later remembered that her cat had been sent to the Vet by her mum. She decided to quit the dishes for the day when she next heard a whisper coming out from the living room…..

Aneeqa Saghir, Buckinghamshire asked Charlie or anybody else in the room to turn on her tablet screen, all of a sudden her laptop instead was turned on. That laptop had been shut down before this. When we asked if it would leave us, the pencil spun to say “NO “. It was 10pm at that time and the windows were shut with no possibility of breeze moving the pencil. Aneeqa then asked whether if Charlie would intend to kill her for which the reply was again YES. Finally when the game was over and all the friends have left, suddenly, all the lights just got switched off. She was more scared this time because she was being alone. When she looked out from the window of her house, the lights on the rest of the houses on her street were well lit up. She tried to call her parents but the phone line was dead. She has a WARNING for others who intend to try this game: “So, think again if you are going to do the Charlie Charlie Challenge.

Arianna Lynn from Ohio, US believe she may have invoked a young boy after the summoning session. She says, “My TV turned on and started static with weird noises like talking sound though I could not understand.  Then, it turned off with a loud ringing then stopped completely and I couldn’t get my TV back on for the next 30 minutes. It was strange. When she finally managed to turn her Playstation on, Ariana heard the voices of a young boy saying, “why didn’t you help me” and “save them now.” She further added hearing voices of multiple young children chanting the word “help” in sync. It was both astonishing and weird.”

Zodyy Lanae had his own dose of eeriness doing the challenge done in a shed with his friends.  He narrated that he felt an “uneasy presence and a burning sensation on his hand, back and lower leg after trying out this task. As he returned home that day, he was puzzled to find that the house doors were locked. “We…we…felt like we were surrounded by evil and were being watched”. Then, Zodyy heard one of his friends “screaming horribly” after they saw something in the cupboard. Zodyy said he saw a “man figure at the top of the steps with black and red eyes.” His message to the others: DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DO THIS CHALLENGE!!!!!!”

Whatever it is, I still think there are more dangers than meets the eyes in this game. No matter what Scientific explanation are given or the sceptics calling it a bull it may be too late to return once the invocation has been done. It is not as easy as switching on and off the lights. If only it was. You may ask the last three participants of the game whether it left when you asked it to leave. So, why tread into the unknown danger and add up problems when we already know there are various known dangers in our everyday life? I’d stay away from this one.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for the info. I think I'd like to try this interesting game. But what if accidentally Charlie Chaplin respond to my Charlie Charlie Challenge? What should I do?

Mystique Earth said...

Hi Anon @ June 7, 5.15am,
Charlie Chaplin, eh...? So why not you ask Charlie Chaplin where he had kept his walking stick. I'd like to keep it as my antique collection...


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