The boy who recollects past life and identifies his murderer

It is not often that you hear of the story of little kids coming up with a tale from the past life. On the average, most adults would just normally brush this story aside as a child's imaginative stories. But this story comes from a 3 year old boy residing in Golan Heights situated near the border of Syria. The boy narrated the events of his past life and soon caught the attention of the elders from this Druze tribe who normally believe in reincarnation.

 Image above: The location of Golan heights where the boy now lives.

Background of the Druze society
The Druze is a complex society with belief systems that is embedded with a composite of belief systems such as Christianity, Shia Islam or "Ismailism", Hinduism, Buddhism, Gnosticism, Theopany (that God manifests in human form, cycle of rebirth or reincarnation) etc. So much that the Muslims consider them as infidels or "Murtad".

Since their beliefs are also build from the foundation of reincarnation, they have a practice of searching for birthmarks as soon as a child is born. These marks are believed to be inflicted from death wounds from a previous life.

Image of the birthmark. The mark spots the place where he was axed in his previous life.

They engage conversation with the child to determine any recollection of past life in an effort to relieve and set them free from the pain and symptoms from a past life. If a child relates to a place lived in a previous life, a native board of inquiry will be formed by the village elders where this is deemed as a special occasion and eventually the child will be taken to the place for further investigation.

The accounts of the 3 year old leading to the site of the murder
In this case, a 15 men group was formed comprising of village elders, representatives from the neighboring villages and Dr. Eli Lasch (non-Druse). After taking the boy to the third village, the boy finally said that this was the place where he lived before and suddenly started recalling names and events. He recalled how he was murdered with an axe and was also able to identify his name from his previous life. A local villager who was there upon hearing the boy's previous birth name then said that the person had been missing for the last 4 years without a single trace.

They continued to take a walk in this village and soon enough the boy was able to identify the exact house where he used to live in his previous life. Just as then, he suddenly walked towards a stranger, called him by his name and identified him as his killer. He said, "I used to be your neighbour. We had a fight and you killed me with an axe." Dr. Eli Lasch who was there noticed how the ex-neighbour's face suddenly turned pale.

The boy then took the entourage to the site where he was buried. And true enough, they not only found the skeleton remains, but also led to the murder weapon which was also buried. It was an axe.

Image: Skeleton remains of untold murder story from a past life waiting to unfold...

Image above: The murder weapon

The author of this book, Hardo gives an explanation as to how the child could remember where he was buried even after his death. His clients have frequently described a common scenario upon death. After death, the soul leaves the physical body but hovers above it for awhile and able to see the body from above and what happens to the body.

As everyone was staring at the alleged murderer, the man finally admitted to the crime he committed. The villagers somehow did not apprehended the man to the police. Instead, they said that they will deal with this later to determine what would be the appropriate punishment for such a crime.

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