(Photo above: Son, Kean Hooi with his father upon his return)

Picture this scenario. First, you receive a phone call from the hospital. The officials reveal to you that your loved one has been pronounced dead. What would your reaction be if 1 ½ hours later, the doctor calls you again to tell you that your loved one back alive? Puzzled? Numb? Going to get a second doctor’s opinion whether your loved one is really alive or dead by checking the name once again? Simply overjoyed? Call the doctor again and ask him to use a different stethoscope? Or maybe, call all your friends and relatives to have a “Welcome back, party?”

Well, a series of perplexed thoughts are sure to run wild in our thoughts if this happens to our families. Of course, the variations, your heart beat rate and the intensity differs from individuals. Your heart is certainly not going to rest easily and may have to do some extra pounding every minute to distribute more oxygen to your body and hopefully from collapsing.

(Photo above: Mr. Ng, during his younger days)

Imagine the joy, of having to call out your relatives and friends again to notify that your loved dead is back from the dead. As for their reaction, your guess is as good as mine. After all, some would still want to see him/her and pat on the back and may want to say, “Hey, your lifeline has just been renewed and extended for an indefinite period of time, don't screw up your life and health with your second chance.”

Name of patient: Mr. Ng Swee Hock
Time of incident: 10.30am / April 14, 2011
Patient's age: 65 yrs old

Incident leading to the patient's condition:
It was reported that the 65 yr old man had a quarrel with his 70 yr old brother outside their house at 10.30 am. The 65 yr old brother sustained injury on the right hand and collapsed just as he reached home.

Chronology of events as reported:
10.30am: Quarrel with 70 yr old brother & sustain injury on right arm. Collapsed as he returned home.
11 am - 12 noon: CPR conducted but failed to revive
Approx. 1 pm: The son, Mr Wei (26 yrs old) goes to the Police Dept with his mother to lodge a report to obtain his father's death certificate
1.30 pm: The doctor calls the son, Mr. Wei to inform that his father is alive again

The family members reaction: Overjoyed
Patient's current condition: Still unconscious and reported to be supported by a ventilator machine.


(Picture Above: Michael Wilkinson, reported on 11th June, 2009 to have undergone Lazarus syndrome. He survived a normal life for another two days after his "first death" before passing away permanently for the second time)

There are only 38 reported cases of Lazarus syndrome worldwide making Mr. Ng's case no. 39. Well, that's what happened on April 14th, 2011 when a 65 year old man, Mr. Ng who was pronounced dead returned alive just 1 ½ hours later. Here are further details:

I paused and thought about who would likely welcome this syndrome with relief and with great joy. The insurance companies for they do not have to pay death benefits. Second would be the Police, the investigation time can be shortened if the murdered victims come back to life and provide significant information that could lead to the arrest of the criminal. But, I shudder to think what if criminals come back to life!!???

On the same day, April 14th, while the Tamils were welcoming the new year (Tamil Calendar "Kara" Year), Ng's family had a new life to start with. I wish Mr Ng a speedy recovery and a meaningful life ahead.

After 12 days of sustaining life with the support of life machine, the family members of Mr Ng at the advice of the doctors had finally decided it is time to let him go in peace. He was brought back home, and the son slowly whispered to his father, "Dad, you are now at home and the family members are with you. Do not worry about us, as we are adults and capable of taking care of ourselves. You can now go in peace."

My condolences to the family members on their loss.

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Anonymous said...

God is certainly great

Mystique Earth said...

Indeed Mr Bluesman,
This one defies Science. But i am equally puzzled about their short lived life, judging from the past two incidents of Lazarus syndrome.

As though there is still some unfinished business to tackle, they are given additional time to settle it.

However, it is a pity that Mr Ng never had a chance to regain his consciousness.

Anonymous said...

If he did regain consciousness, he would probably have some neurological problems due to lack of circulation of blood. In other words, he'd become crazy. Chances are, he'd also be hungry. Now what do you call a man who can no longer think and has an immense hunger? I mean, with 2012's cannibalism cases(man eats homeless man's face, room mate kills room mate and eats heart and brain), who's to say that the zombie apocalypse hasn't already started?

Mystique Earth said...

Wow @ Anon June 8, 2012 9:37 PM,
You do have quite an imagination.

I have never imagined about a Lazarus syndrome zombie. No records yet.

But on Apocalypse, do you still remember the movie 2012( i even forgot the title of the movie about the world coming to an end where they all end up in a High Tech boat with super gadgets).

Hey, it has already come to almost half a year and i wonder what excuses will the believers of 2012 doomsday are be up with if all is well on Jan 1, 2013.
He.. he... ;)


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