Another Mysterious Mat

Here's another mysterious incident that took place a day ago. A Muslim couple were arguing about the direction of their position to do prayers (Qiblat). Shortly after the arguement, they left the scene to do some household chores. The husband went to bath the child & the wife had some clothes to iron. Moments later, the wife came rushing towards the husband upon the discovery of something very unusual. She led her husband to the prayer room to witness the position of the mat which appears to be a form as though a lady is doing her "ibadah" (prayers). (See photo above)

The news spread quite fast & some relatives brought their compass to verify if the position (Qiblat) faced by the mat is correct direction & strangely enough it was verified to be correct. At the advice of the Religious Officers, the husband folded the mat to prevent muslims to sway from the Teachings of Islam by speculating or having erroneous interpretations of such incident.

Source: Utusan Malaysia


TJ Lubrano said...

Wow! This is so interesting! It feels like a little sign: "Stop arguing and live in peace. Here is the correct direction to do your prayers"

Man there is really more to the earth than we think! Thanks for sharing! Ciao!d

Mystique Earth said...

Hi TJ,
Welcome back. Hope you had a marvelous Sunday.

"Stop arguing and live in peace"
Your interpretation above makes a lot of sense. Life on Earth will surely be a Lovely place to inhabit if everyone follows to this simple philosophy.

Thanks for your input.

Anonymous said...

this quite baffling really but there's no way of proving it. The last time it happened in Trengganu at the crystal mosque or something but the news just died down. I hope some expert will verify this soon.....but then again where's the mystery ya.

check the YouTube, search for the kubah masjid terbang which happened in indonesia, it can be spooky......

Mystique Earth said...

Hi Mr. Hans,
Thanks for the tip. Will do a check on that. Agree that there is a similar pattern & the first one just simmered down.

In the mean-time, enjoy the muruku's for Deepavali, sit back & relax and have a Great Time during the festive season.
1 Malaysia ;)


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